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Todd Jester
Todd Jester

Applied Forensics Specialist
Ohio State Hwy. Patrol (Retired)
Crash/Crime Scene Reconstruction
M 330-787-1884
O 330-633-4900
F 330-633-4999

Clear. Concise. Conclusive.

Gather & Present Precise Information

Trimble Forensics is a powerful solutions set of hardware and software designed specifically to help those in law enforcement capture, collect, analyze and present crucial information in a clear, precise way that holds up in court.

Preserve Precise Detail at Every, Single Scene

When it comes to investigating an accident site or scene of a crime, most forensics investigators today understand the value of preserving every minuscule detail of possible evidence in the exact location and condition initially found.

"You can't argue with data and technologies that are proven to be so accurate. With 3D laser scanners, you are measuring and documenting absolutely everything, so your entire scene is preserved exactly as it was."

- Ryan Zukowski, Wisconsin State Patrol Technical Reconstruction Unit

Partnered for Success

Trimble Forensics is a complete, end-to-end solution that comes with our partnership for unparalleled service, training and local support.

3 Simple Steps To Build Your Forensics Solution | Device Bundle Packages | Applications

Step 1: Choose Your Capture Hardware - Find the data capture device that best suits your operations. From versatile total stations to high-precision GNSS receivers and 3D scanners, we can help you acquire the right instrument to make information taking easy and efficient.

Step 2: Pick Your Data Collection Device - Our line of rugged, Trimble field handheld devices simplify data gathering at the scene, making the process of collecting and clearing a site quick and easy.

Step 3: Select Your Analysis Software - Field-to-office, our software solutions will give you the tools you need to provide concrete results that stand up to legal scrutiny.


robotic-total-stations.png forensics-3d-scanning-total-stations.png forensics-3d-scanners.png forensics-gnss.png

Total Stations

Trimble S7
Trimble S5
Focus 50

Optical and conventional
diagramming workflows

  • Multiple angular accuracies
  • Precise field measurements
  • Robotic or mechanical
  • Trimble GNSS integration

 3D Scanning Total Stations

Trimble SX12


Total station measurements
and 3D scanning in one

  • 1" Angular accuracy
  • Range of 800-5,500m
  • 26,600 Points per second
  • Trimble GNSS integration

3D Scanners

Trimble X7
Trimble X12

Capture and deliver
precision 3D data, fast

  • Superb point accuracy
  • Automatic scan registration
  • Automatics calibration
  • Automatic self-leveling

GNSS Receivers

Trimble R4sLE

The flexible alternative
to a total station

  • Built-in coordinate system
  • Collect anywhere w/ sky
  • No line-of-sight
  • No site calibrations


 forensics-t100.png forensics-tsc7.png  forensics-t600.png 

Rugged Tablets

Trimble T100

Fast computing and a large screen

  • 10.1" Color touchscreen
  • 16GB Memory; 512GB storage
  • 8MP Built-in camera
  • 8th Generation core i5 processor

Tablet Handhelds

Trimble TSC7

A rugged handheld and tablet in one

  • 7" Color touchscreen
  • 64GB Memory; 8GM RAM
  • Built in front and rear cameras
  • Quad-core Intel processor 

Rugged Smartphones

Trimble TDC650

Pro GNSS in a rugged smartphone

  • 6" Color touchscreen
  • 4GB Memory; 64GB storage
  • Built-in front and rear cameras
  • Scalable GNSS accuracy


forensics-capture.png forensics-reveal.png forensics-showcase.png forensics-realworks.png

On-Scene Data Capture

Trimble Forensics
Capture Software

Mapping and data collection
for accurate results

  • Registered, georeferenced point clouds
  • 2D/3D data views
  • Add notes/photos to points
  • Other Forensics SW integration

Data Analysis Tools

Trimble Forensics
Reveal Software

One software for data import,
analysis and 2D/3D deliverables

  • 2D/3D data view/edit/animate
  • Evidence marker system
  • Momentum and bullet analysis
  • CrashMath reconstruction

Data Presentation

Trimble Forensics
Showcase Software

Present compelling evidence
in the courtroom

  • Designed by law enforcement
  • 360 Views of scenes
  • Highlight key evidence
  • Attach photos, reports, etc.

Point Cloud Processing

Trimble RealWorks
Scanning Software

Register, segment and
classify scan data

  • Work w/ high-detail point clouds
  • Process large data sets
  • Integrate w/ Trimble Forensics solutions
  • Create an array of deliverables

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