SPAR 300

Optimal Ranging
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SPAR 300 - Surveying and Mapping of Underground Utilities:     Datasheet

  • The Spar 300 represents a comprehensive approach to surveying and mapping underground utilities
  • It is fully integrated with the Trimble Access surveying environment
    • Operates seamlessly with Trimble GNSS receivers
    • May be used with Trimble Total Stations

  • The Spar employs a set of magnetic field sensors to accurately measure the 3-D vector to an underground utility
  • Automatically combines this vector with absolute positions obtained via GNSS or other survey methods to obtain the 3-D coordinates of the utility
  • The Spar’s novel approach allows it to measure the 3-D vector from any vantage point within range
  • Its built-in acceleration and magnetic sensors allow it to operate in almost any position
  • It offers two distinct operating modes, line and sonde, extending its capabilities to most surveying situations
  • The Spar 300 is usually mounted on a survey pole and is the right tool for utilities within a radial range of approximately 10 ft. (3 m)

In a typical cable or pipe survey the Spar is mounted vertically on a survey pole directly below the GNSS receiver

  • The surveyor monitors the display continuously, using the on-screen indicators to maintain casual contact with the utility center line
  • Measurements may be collected automatically at fixed intervals or with single-shot measurements at selected locations
  • The pole may be equipped with a survey wheel for convenience