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Trimble Catalyst GNSS Smart Positioning Service

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Trimble Catalyst

Product Description

Trimble Catalyst GNSS Smart Positioning Service

High-Accuracy GNSS Positioning-as-aService for Android & iOS Mobile Apps

Trimble® Catalyst™ is a revolutionary GNSS concept delivering positioning-as-a-service to Android™ and iOS devices. With the addition of the simple, lightweight Trimble DA2 GNSS receiver and an on-demand accuracy-based subscription, turn your smartphone or tablet into a precision mapping, navigation, and measurement tool you can use with any location enabled app or service.

Catalyst subscriptions are available at a range of accuracy levels to suit your particular job requirements.

  • Catalyst 1 = Centimeter-level (1 cm)
  • Catalyst 10 = Decimeter (10 cm)
  • Catalyst 30 = Sub-foot (30 cm)
  • Catalyst 60 = Sub-meter (60 cm)

Whether you're carrying out mapping or mobile GIS data collection projects, Catalyst has the positioning accuracy for every workflow.

How It Works:

  • Choose Your Precision: From sub-meter to centimeters, simply pick the Catalyst subscription level to suit your needs
  • Purchase Your Subscription: Pay per hour, per month or per year! Catalyst subscriptions deliver GNSS performance and corrections as an all-in-one service.
  • Grab a Catalyst DA2 Receiver: Lightweight, inexpensive and precise, the DA2 for Catalyst works with every Catalyst subscription level.
  • Connect & Go: Connect your DA2 to your data collection device, phone or tablet, launch your app, sign in to Catalyst and way you go!

Features & Benefits:

  • Catalyst is Simple: Catalyst delivers precision positioning without the hassle on any location-enabled app, on any Android or iOS device.
  • Catalyst is Flexible: Easily modify your accuracy level and team size as your requirements change.
  • Catalyst is Affordable: Once you have the powerful, low-cost Trimble DA2 receiver, only pay for the desired accuracy and time your projects require.
  • Catalyst is Precise: No matter what the task, Catalyst delivers Trimble precision and position quality to any location-enabled workflow.

Industries & Workflows:

  • GIS Mapping & Data Collection: From Archaeology to Zoology, Catalyst delivers cost-effective positioning for any industry. Smarter, easier data collection.
  • GNSS Land Surveying: When accuracy matters most, trust Catalyst for survey-grade positioning performance at an affordable price for everyday operation.
  • Mobile GIS Applications: With full support for iOS and Android, Catalyst enables precision mobile GIS workflows - including full integration with Esri's ArcGIS Field Maps.
  • Land & Cadastral Management: Precise land parcel and boundary mapping begins with accurate and affordable positioning - Trimble Catalyst delivers.
  • Utilities & Public Administration: Map and maintain critical utility and public administration infrastructure through the precise positioning capabilities of Catalyst.
  • UAV: Catalyst takes aerial mapping to the next level, helping deliver precise, streamlined ground control pint capture for UAV mapping workflows.
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Product Videos

Trimble Catalyst for Decision Makers 01:26

If you need precise, quality positioning data, you might think that means you need to buy expensive equipment. But with Trimble Catalyst, you get an incredibly cost effective solution that plugs right into your team’s existing mobile devices. Your team gets advanced GPS mapping technology all for an affordable subscription.

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