Ultralite Dual Grad TLV Lock Prism Pole 12 ft.

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12 FT. Dual Grad Prism Pole

  • SECO and Crain have combined technologies to introduce the lightest, most user-friendly, non-conductive pole on the market
  • The Ultralite newly redesigned TLV (twist lock with vial) reduces weight while providing the same locking function
  • The inner & outer poles are constructed of lightweight non-conductive fiberglass
    • The inner pole is dual graduated - feet/100ths & centimeters
  • Included in this package is Crain's patented Topo-Boot
    • Features a 40-minute adjustable vial
    • Soft-touch knob and adjustable 5/8x11 tip
  • This pole extends to 12 ft (3.5 meters) and collapses to 5 ft (1.5 meters)