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Virtual Reference Station (VRS) Networks


Virtual Reference Station (VRS) Networks

A VRS system is one option for providing real-time differential correction to a GNSS receiver. It is the most commonly used technology behind most network correction services worldwide. Corrections are necessary to eliminate errors and improve the accuracy of GNSS positions in collected data. VRS corrections are available from a variety of public and commercial services. VRS networks and subscription services provide dual-frequency (L1/L2) real-time differential GPS (DGPS) and in many cases DGNSS (GPS and GLONASS) corrections for accuracy as data is collected.

VRS/Real-Time Network Solutions in Your Area

Features & Benefits:

  • Instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections

  • Centimeter-accurate corrections tailored to your geographic location

  • Built-in redundancy to ensure connectivity, consistency and quality

  • Cost-effective and simple to use

  • Professionally-managed and secure

  • Streamlined workflows, done right the first time

Why Do I Need VRS Corrections?

The use of VRS corrections helps ensure the accuracy of GNSS data, independent of the distance to the nearest reference station.

Aren't VRS Corrections Just for Surveyors?

The need fore reliable and accurate positioning is not limited to surveying!

Today, a variety of industries, including electric and gas utilities, water and wastewater services, and land management projects require mapping products that provide decimeter or better accuracy positioning in real-time.